Over The Top Arena Rock n Pop of the 80's!

Metal Kitty- Matt Rice, Guitar

Pop Kitty- Lela Vickery- Keys

Glam Kitty- Byron Yafuso- Bass

Wave Kitty- Zac Sestina- Drums

Danger Kitty- Beth Vinas- Vox

All Live Music Event

Ready to Play?

Groove Kitty is an all live band bringing you favorite dance tunes from the 80's to now. Dance Rock you can get your groove-on to! Big harmonies, exciting musicianship, and energetic stage moves that bring the venue to its feet! 

" The early arrivers were in for a real treat when San Diego based band Groove Kitty took to the stage, warming the crowd up with songs such as Separate Ways (Journey) and Don’t You Forget About Me (Simple Minds). One definitive highlight was their rock solid rendition of Sweet Child Of Mine (Guns N Roses), featuring the wildly entertaining guitar work of Matt Rice and the sweetly passionate vocals of Beth Vinas. At the end of their set, Groove Kitty presented a rollicking rendition of The Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show – a sparkling grand finale that left an indelible impression. You may have heard these songs a zillion times before, but Groove Kitty definitely knows how to present these familiar tunes with imagination and flair. Definitely the cats meow and then some! "

Come on out all you Smitten Kittens! Let's play!

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