About Us, The Groove Kitty Band

With a love for the music of the 80's and a passion for live music- all 5 members of Groove Kitty are committed you everyone having a great time with the timeless favorites of the 80's!

Matt Rice: Metal Kitty/ Guitar & Vox

Matt started his music career playing at Saint Tim's in Laguna Niguel- but soon after his girlfriend (now wife) bought him his first Strat, it was all about the rock. Committed to the signature sounds of so many solos of the 80's Matt pursues the sound, texture and flamboyant showmanship of the era. A patented Engineer -nobody pounces on these well known guitar leads-w/such respect for the intended sound. Matt enjoys working out, going to shows & musical theater, and geeking out on gear in his off time.  


It's all about the show, and this Kitty is a vetted performer. Armed with a masters in Performing Arts/Dance from UCLA- LeLa began her career on the stage. As a keyboardist with the technical and logistical demands of a LIVE event. LeLa's natural ear for playing, coupled with her academic skills makes for a potent combination. Dancing, singing, playing the keys- and making it all look easy is what we love about her- Groove Kitty live keys and back up vocals lead the band through every show- for that GK sound! Lela loves interior design, crafting and family events when she's not out with the Kitty. 


The power of Byron Yafuso is in da house! Groove Kitty is all original members- sans the Bass Player- and we are thrilled to have this Kat. Vetted with Casino and touring bands for years, his massive repertoire, signature playing, vocals and... that SMILE are the purrrrfect fit! Also a proud tech kat, this engineer/ attorney puts the suit away for 80's nights with da Kitty. Look for lots of lead vocals from this multi talented artist- more to come! When not playing bass, find Byron i superior court,or swimming in his pool, or researching the best gear!


Experienced, disciplined, and precise, Zac has played with event bands across a wide spectrum- but over the past 10 years Groove Kitty has been his home base. He holds the fort down- keeps the dance beats at the rpm we need, and knows how to pull out the drama for those 80's ballads. Zac is a beast on the drums, but is an extraordinaire multi task percussionist- adding vocals and triggers to our all live show. Akin to herding cats- Zac does exactly that and makes sure the GK band is where it needs to be every moment of each event. Outside of hitting the drums- Zac is loves time with his lovely wife Leah at their home in O'side.

Beth Vinas/ Danger Kitty!/ Lead Vox

"Nothing is more fun than 80's hits!"

Beth loves the way 80's music transcends so many generations- "They know the words and often dont know how or why!"... This trained musician with a degree in classical piano is having a blast as vocalist for Groove Kitty. " As a union musician, I always did back ups or piano- but lead vox... that's just pure fun!" But she loves the work side too. Working with other established artists has been a dream. And, the mashes, combinations and creativity into the production that is Groove Kitty has been a great process. "I dont know many or any all live 80's shows in the circuit- and we love being that band". Outside hobbies: Piano- bowling- the beach- and coaching the HS XC team at HTNHNC.